Tell Your Story to Anyone You Meet

Tell Your Story to Anyone You Meet

There is something first dates and job interviews have in common, they both require us to develop thoughts and assumptions about a person before they even speak. No matter who you are – and I try really hard not to do this but – we are all making a judgement about other people based on the way they show up in the world (or at our front door). Everything speaks – whether your mouth is open or not. 

Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Diversity

This weekend I had a great session at Craft Content on the topic Leveraging Social Media to Enhance Diversity.

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The PDF presentation is best accompanied with a presentation in-person or through webinar but here are a few highlighted takeaways:

1) As an ally, your role may be to be quiet and listen.

2) An offline, intentional diversity and inclusion plan may help remove feelings of exploitation of certain groups.

3) Your obligation online starts offline.

4) Representation matters.

5) Let's move beyond equality to equity.

6) Be patient with the trust process. African American's and other groups have often been used for entertainment. When invited to certain tables we could be shy, fearful or angry. Understand there may be hurt.

7) Build relationships, then ask really uncomfortable questions to push past ignorance.

8) As someone considered disadvantaged in some way I also feel responsible to have transparent conversations with people who want to learn more.

9) Facts and data can be used as a tool for understanding. It is a fact that our country will be "no majority minority" by 2040 (2025 in some places). If your employer has a difficult time understanding why cultural inclusion is a conversation, use the census and/or other supporting documents.

10) We sometimes talk about gender diversity with the sexual preference most comfortable to us. i.e. I've seen boards say they want a woman on a board, but they are sometimes considering a heterosexual, white women. Let's change that thinking.

11) Think of the varied ways diversity can show up. Race/ethnicity, age, gender, relationship preference, communities, faith, industry, and so forth.

Superwomen: We Call Them Entrepreneurs

Do you know those women who seem to have a million things going on at once? So do I. I wonder how these women get everything done. Are they superheroes? Debatable. However, they’re more commonly referred to as entrepreneurs. They can juggle one hundred and one different tasks without dropping a single thing. It truly is amazing; one may even call it super human. I believe that being a woman is a super power in itself and this month we celebrate those superwomen entrepreneurs. This month is National Women’s Small Business Month.

To be an entrepreneur takes extraordinary skill. You’ve got to be on top of every small detail that most people would overlook. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a few women entrepreneurs and I can tell you one thing they’ve all taught me: perseverance. The ability to keep going is probably the most important lesson I’ve learned from these influential women.

As I’m entering the midpoint of my internship here at MEPR Agency, I can honestly say that Kia Jarmon has been pretty super human in my eyes. She never misses a beat. She never half steps. She’s on it; 24/7. From her, I’ve learned to stay on top of my game.

Women entrepreneurs should be celebrated and acknowledged every day. What makes them so amazing is they don’t ask to be recognized. They simply do the work. They do so, not for awards, not for praise but because it’s what they love. It’s who they are.

Message: If you happen to come across a woman entrepreneur, or as I like to call them, girl bosses, salute them. Let them know how awesome they are. Let them know that what they do matters. It matters to me. It matters to all the little girls who pay attention. They see the hard work. They get inspired, they want to be a girl boss. At least that’s what my childhood looked like. I saw women every day who seemed to be busy all the time. I wondered if they ever slowed down. As I grew, I looked up to them. I saw the amount of effort it takes for them to do what they do and I knew then that they were the strongest creatures on Earth.

These extraordinary women are helping to shape this world. They are making history (HERstory) every day. They’re doing it right now as I type this message to you. The future is woman. The rise of woman will be the rise of the nations.