My First Week at a 10-Year-Old PR Agency

By Arsenio Franklin

I am just joining the team as MEPR Agency reaches its tenth anniversary. While MEPR has been positioning itself as a top option for public relations and brand strategy over the past ten years, the drive and passion that Kia Jarmon started the agency with never left.

During my interview process, Kia told me the position required someone with a passion for growing a small agency, without needing the risk to motivate them. That’s what I had been searching for since finishing graduate school last December.

Since stepping into the office, working with the MEPR team has been everything I expected it to be. They know their work is exceptional, but there is not a hint of complacency. For all of the success MEPR has achieved, that is what stands out to me.

Speaking with Kia during our initial conversation, ten years into her entrepreneurial journey, I could still sense that spirit. She certainly didn’t sound like someone resting on the laurels of the past decade. Having seen her passion for the agency up-close, I’m sure she sounded the same way when she began.

This passion and spirit is what makes Kia an exceptional leader. You often hear athletes describe their coaches as “a guy I’d run through a wall for.” What they are referring to is the ability to inspire others and keep the team pushing toward success. Kia has this ability. She inspires us to take ownership of our work and to care for the agency as if we started it.

Knowing strengths and weaknesses is always listed among qualities of successful leaders, and Kia has that quality. She needs a team to complement her so she can maximize her strengths and the agency’s potential, and she has assembled such a team with Morgan Lyn and Queen Stevenson. They have made my arrival as easy of a transition as I could’ve hoped for.

It's hard not to believe in yourself when others have so much belief in you.

It's hard not to believe in yourself when others have so much belief in you.


3 things I’ve learned from working one week at a 10-year-old PR agency:

1.    Do your best, take a step back, then try again.

After spending a good amount of time on something, it’s good to take a break and come back with a fresh set of eyes. I’ve always done this, but never after finishing what I thought was my best.

2.    Every second is a second to learn.

You don’t have to be actively reading, researching or watching something to learn. Just listening and being aware of your surroundings will reveal new things.

3.    Patience is key.

Once I finished graduate school last December, I was so worried about finding a job. Now that I’m here and loving it, I can’t believe I was stressing about it. Everything usually works out the way it should.


Although MEPR has been around for a decade, I don’t feel behind. There is an entrepreneurial culture, filled with people looking forward and focusing on growth. The best part is that each day is as new to them as it is to me.

So, what does MEPR Agency’s tenth anniversary mean to me? Never losing the passion and belief you start something with. In life or in business. Whether it lasts ten days, ten months or ten years.

 Arsenio Franklin is the PR Account Coordinator at MEPR Agency.