Perception Vs. Reality: Truth About My First Week

My initial feelings about working at MEPR Agency were somewhat confusing for me. I had feelings of fear and doubt. I worried about my abilities and capabilities to perform in an actual PR Agency. I soon realized those were feelings of nervousness that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  I asked myself if I was ready for this experience and the answer I reluctantly spoke back to myself was no. I’m not ready. Hearing myself say those words aloud, I felt as if the ground was actually shaking underneath my feet. What had I gotten myself into? As I sat in my room thinking of all the things that could go wrong, I reminded myself that fear had no place in my life. I reminded myself that the things most worthwhile in life come from taking a leap of faith. Then, I reminded myself of that faith, faith in myself, faith in my abilities and faith in my God. I’ve been thrown into every opportunity I’ve had in life, and each of them taught me much more than I could ever learn on paper. Those are the experiences I’ve gained the most from. I was never ready. I wasn’t ready to travel over 1,500 miles from home at 16 to live and study among people from nations across the world; but I did it. I wasn’t ready to leave my family and come to a new city for college, but I did it. I have had so many learning experiences that I never would have received if I didn’t accept them because I wasn’t ready. No one is ever ready for experience that changes their lives. There is never a perfect time to jump into something that frightens you. You just have to do it. You just have to start. Once you begin, you learn something at every turn because you’re out of your comfort zone and that’s when things get interesting. Life happens outside of your comfort zone. If you live within it, you will never truly gain from the world. The world should be your textbook.

Upon realizing I was keeping myself in my own comfort zone, I made the decision to let go of that limitation. I knew instantly that I made the right decision because I gained so much from MEPR Agency in just the first week. After I dropped that fear, I could actually do work with a clear head, and that’s exactly what I did. Kia Jarmon, owner of MEPR Agency, wasted no time in putting me to work. If you’re thinking that I’m fixing coffee and making copies, think again. I’m doing actual client work. I’ve learned about the process of planning a campaign and the work that goes into it. I am currently working on a campaign that introduces the new hires for MEPR Agency to the public. I’ve been brainstorming new ideas that aren’t so traditional but are still acceptable to the public. I want to be different in my approach, while still respecting the craft of public relations and branding. After I’ve come up with those ideas, I have a talk with the new Account Coordinator, LaToya Pickett, about my plans so that I can receive some feedback from her. My next step is bringing those plans to Kia and hoping that she approves. I have to admit that’s the part that most intimidates me. It has nothing to do with Kia. She’s been great. She’s very understanding and she always makes sure that I’m not just doing work but that I’m learning from that work. The truth is I build that feeling up in my head because I’m intimidated by the idea of failure. I forget that making mistakes is a part of the process of learning and that’s my main goal as PR Assistant. I want to learn everything that I possibly can from this experience. I want to soak up the knowledge and experiences of the wonderful women around me. I’d say in my first week I’ve been pretty successful in doing that.

There is still so much I have to learn in Public Relations but I know I’m in the right place. This is just the beginning and though I have a long way to go, the ride is what makes this experience so exciting. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey has in store for me. I know that it will be hard work but I’m willing to work hard. I know that it will be a challenge but a little challenge never hurt anyone. In the end, I know that it will be worth it. I am eager to continue to journey with MEPR Agency. As I learn and grow, I will continue to document my experiences so that I may hopefully help someone else who’s just starting in Public Relations.