Coworking in downtown Nashville helps PR business grow


Why a CoLab Coworking Membership is a Great Investment for Kia Jarmon’s Business


Coworking in downtown Nashville helps PR business grow

Kia Jarmon at COLAB

Small businesses that start up and succeed can often trace back a few key investments that made a large impact. Many CoLab members who have thriving businesses will tell you that their investment in coworking came with a great return on the money spent.

PR professional Kia Jarmon has been sold on the concept of operating a business out of a coworking space ever since she experienced it at Belmont University. She even explored the idea of opening her own coworking office space until she discovered CoLab Nashville.

Jarmon is owner of the MEPR Agency, a boutique public relations, brand management and special event planning firm that has been in business since 2006. As the firm’s needs outgrew her home office, CoLab provided the expansion space she required. She still has a home office but spends several days a week working from CoLab on 4th Street in the Wells Fargo building in downtown Nashville.

In 2010, Jarmon needed a meeting space for her mentorship program for aspiring PR professionals. “Every Saturday, they come into CoLab and learn everything PR,” she says.  She used the common areas available to CoLab members, starting in the training room, then migrating to the open working space on the first floor. As that space gets more use from other CoLab members, she may move her sessions upstairs to the conference room.

Jarmon pays for a dedicated desk, which gives her free internet, copy service, access to a fax and use of both the training room and conference rooms to meet clients. When she needs to have more space, its available. When she wants to focus on work, she has a desk. It’s a very efficient and inexpensive way to maintain both a real office and a home office.

The MEPR Agency’s next challenge was interns who might not have the discipline to work effectively without the structure of an office. “When I started to bring in interns, it was important to have a space to come to,” Jarmon says. “From a business standpoint, when you come into the office, you’re more inclined to work. At home, you may browse social media or watch a movie.”

CoLab offers a variety of coworking memberships, including nighttime, part-time, full-time, dedicated desk, cubicle and private office.

She has found that being in a creative and professional workspace has helped her own work habits. “It’s the culture of how we live. At some point we’re used to going to an office to work,” she says.  She loves the social community of other CoLab members around her, saying it’s better than the sense of community at other places where she considered renting. And CoLab offers other benefits, like its Fall 2011 Lunch and Learn workshops for entrepreneurs, with Jarmon as the featured speaker at the November event.

CoLab’s location in downtown Nashville is a bonus for Jarmon. She’s closer to most of her clients and networking with other PR professionals downtown is no longer a hassle. Meeting someone for lunch is just a short walk instead of making a special drive and searching for an hourly parking spot.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Jarmon. “Its definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in my business and I think more small businesses should give it a try.”

Curious yourself? Give Colab Nashville a call and schedule a tour or try one of free coworking day passes to see how it fits your work style.

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