Happy Birthday to you....Cupcake Collection


The Cupcake Collection celebrated their third birthday yesterday, November 9, and it was a huge success. The Cupcake Bus kicked off the day at 4th & Commerce (in front of the AT&T building) with live music, the Music City Soul break dancers, and even the Cupcake Jingle. Cupcake lovers, dawning their orange apparel, formed a line as early as 6:45am to donate their canned goods for a free cupcake. 9am quickly approached and the bus went back to the bakery for a refill before returning back Downtown. The day pushed forward with a record sell-out on the bus and in the bakery AND the most exciting part was that Nashville donated more than 400 pounds of food. Mignon Francois, the recently crowned Sugar Queen (by Her Nashville), was so overwhelmed by Nashville's support she committed to doing more...TCC is asking that Nashville keep up their random acts of kindness throughout the month of November, upload their act on facebook.com/cupcakecollection or tweet @cupcaketweets, and be entered to win their very own cupcake celebration for their good deed.

What's next for Nashville's favorite cupcake family? They are headed to Opryland's Holly Jolly Town, the tinseled town where their remote bakery will be open for six weeks. The Germantown location will also be open.

More information about The Cupcake Collection can be found at www.thecupcakecollection.com.

The Cupcake Collection 3rd Birthday Pictures