Presentations 101

Creative Director Kia Jarmon recently gave a training on making a Presentation and there was some great points but here are a few that we thought you might enjoy! Take 3 deep breathes! Before you are called on to speak sit at your seat or backstage and take 3 deep breathes that flow from your head down to your feet.  Breathe in all of the information you are about to present and breathe out everything else!  When you step to the podium you might want to take one more big breathe before you begin. Know your audience.  Take a moment to scan the audience and read body language and other non-verbal cues.  This will help you assess if joke making is appropriate or if you should remain neutral.  This will also help you throughout your presentation as you will be able to see excitement, laughter, or boredom.

You set the tone.  If you speed through your address the audience will feel rushed but if you take your time you will put the audience at ease.  From the time you take the podium compose yourself, take your stance, and begin.

Speaking is like a great song!  Learn your rhythm, get into your groove, provide inflection in your sentences, and then resolve.

Make the script your own.  If you have just received the script, identify your three main points that will always bring you back to center, in case you make a mistake or lose your place.  If you have had the script for a while interject quotables that will show off your personality.

Practice, Practice, Practice!