Is checking in on social media worth the risk?

Image by: Stephanie Czajkowski

It's not only where you are; it's where you're not

In a world with what seems a rapidly increasing rate of crime and tragedy, people fail to see the possible responsibility of their activity on social media. It is interesting though, how the trends have paralleled.

It would be nice if the simple click of a button, supposedly, informing only your “friends and family” where you are would be just that, simple. However, the innocent action allows those eager to take advantage of your absence an all-too-easy plan of attack.

It is natural to take the perspective, “I don’t mind if people can see where I am, I am in a safe place with a lot of people and no one can hurt me.” However, checking in at a specific location does not only let people know where you are, it tells them where you are not. Checking in somewhere other than your home means you are, in fact, not home, where all of your belongings are currently unsupervised.

Though it is a fun idea to allow your friends to keep up with your regular hangouts and whereabouts, it simply is not worth the risk in the current society.

The dangers go beyond an individual’s own actions on social media. One tends to disregard a friend’s activity and how it may put them in danger as well.

To avoid such risks, one should refrain from posting pictures at a specific location until they have left that location. If necessary, request of your friends to avoid tagging you with them as it is a danger to both of you.  Of course, the best precaution is to simply refrain from posting any whereabouts at all.

In most cases, changing with the times is considered healthy and open-minded. However, in this case, lets keep it “old school” and inform our friends where we are via phone call.