A day in the life of a Florida native, Nashville summer resident/PR intern; aka, me




Daily routine for an MEPR Agency Associate

by: Stephanie Czajkowski

This summer has been one of my best. Full of unexpected experiences and changes, Nashville couldn’t have been more accommodating to the lifestyle I have established here. Though not my initial plan, I am so thankful to have found Kia Jarmon willing to bring me into her daily routine as an entrepreneur in the world of PR and teach me so many things only the real world can. I also happened to find one of the quirkiest and most fun jobs I have ever had at The Trailer Perk, a Nashville original on wheels you absolutely must visit.

My daily routine for the most part consists of waking up bright and early to head to work at The Trailer Perk, wherever the location happens to be for the morning; like I said “on wheels.” After a morning of serving customers the most exotic and delicious drinks I believe one could find in the South, I head home to grab my laptop and check the morning email from Kia informing of the day’s tasks. By 10:00, I am comfortably seated either at home, in a nearby coffee shop or at Panera Bread (my summer obsession) to check in with kia and review initial emails. One of the greatest things about the Associate Program with The MEPR Agency, I get to do work wherever I want! Though this also happens to be quite dangerous on the budget as Nashville happens to have some of the best coffee shops. Each day’s tasks are different with the majority of focus varying depending on what The MEPR Agency has going on. I start each time by running through the week’s list of to-dos and organizing by priority, and also making sure I understand what is expected before I get to work. Around 12, I take a quick break for lunch and sometimes coffee. At about 12:30, I really dig into the work load, usually consisting of web research to contribute to the growth of clients.  Throughout this part of the day there are plenty of emails and phone calls with Kia asking her for guidance and suggestions. This short time working with her has opened and trained my mind for PR so much more than I expected.

After wrapping up that part of my day, I usually force myself into some form of exercise, which can be quite challenging but is never regretted. Another favorite thing about Nashville, the parks! The typical day is finished enjoying my roommate’s company at home cooking and, of course, the pre-bedtime viewing of Friends. However, the rare day finishes with awesome and random adventures only found in a place like Nashville. On set of a music video filming, attending one of the many concerts happening each night, or just experiencing the many incredible tastes hidden all around the city, for just a few examples.

I’m sure going to miss this city.