Dear Friends, 

Thank you for participating in the workshop with me and MEPR Agency! I hoped that you enjoyed the class and have found ways to incorporate some of the tips and suggestions that we spoke about during our time together. 

At MEPR Agency, 

As you may know, the focus of my work is on storytelling as a leadership discipline. And the thing that I find in my work with leaders all around the world is that many people struggle with telling stories about themselves.... either because they think they aren't good at it, or they don't want to make themselves the center of attention, or any number of other reasons.

And yet, story is the most potent way to connect people to what you have to offer. Are you interviewing? Looking for new opportunities or connections? Or are you (like me) focused on building your own brand in the marketplace? If so, you should be telling your stories.

So that's the idea of the program, and as I'm putting on the finishing touches I need your input. All I'm looking for is your responses to the four questions below. Three minutes of your time, tops.

hanks for your help!