We enjoy (and live for) processes. They make your life and ours go smoother. While each client has a different objective, tactics, audience, and delivery method, it is our goal to use the below process as a way to check behind ourselves. We use this to provide you excellent, consistent service each time you work with us. Allow us to provide a benchmark for how to best work together.

  • Discovery - Let's dig in. We start with an audit to compile research, discover gaps, and provide recommendations on next steps
  • Strategy - Let's plan. Our work can't begin until we identify where we are going and the tools to get there.
  • Implement - Let's work. We put the plan in place using a variety of platforms to reach your desired and target audience.
  • Measure - Let's check. Did we achieve the outcomes we set in place? This is not just checking boxes  (or counting the numbers) but tapping into the human narrative that makes the numbers exist.