Communications + Public Relations


Connecting with your audience looks much different today then it did five years ago...heck even two years ago. We can no longer be comfortable with just pitching media and having an impressive rolodex. We must change. Our approach is to bridge the traditional - what we know works - with digital and social platforms - what we know connects.  Simply, our job is to understand audiences, create powerful stories, and distribute them across a variety of channels. 

  • Community, civic, and demographic engagement
  • Strategic communication + marketing plans
  • Internal communication + implementation
  • Marketing collateral
    • annual reports
    • case for support
    • one-sheet
    • brochure
  • Focus group/Consensus facilitation
  • Generational marketing
  • Story mapping/Storytelling
  • Audience Translation
  • Video production
  • Culture and inclusion training + implementation
  • Audience building
  • Award and 'list' monitoring
  • Media relations
  • Advertising buys