Public Relations Assistant (Intern)

Here at MEPR Agency, you (primarily) won¹t be getting coffee, making copies and sitting around twiddling your thumbs. (However, It shouldn't be beneath you to do the first two, as we all contribute to the office and to each other. But, there will be no, under any circumstance, any thumb-twiddling.)

We are looking for strong, smart, savvy, extra mile-oriented self-starters. You understand the power of a question, and anticipate rather than react to situations and scenarios, offering possible solutions and options that, yes, may be imperfect because of your limited experience, but demonstrate your willingness to resolve, to execute, and to think outside the box.

At MEPR Agency, you will not be an "intern" in the technical, titular sense of the word ‹ you will be our Public Relations Assistant, a role that is vital and valuable to the growth of our company. You will effectively be providing PR services for a PR company ‹you are the practitioner, and MEPR is your client. Sound like a unique and exceptional career development opportunity? You bet. Your resume, your future interviews, and your developing professional identity will thank you.

Daily Duties (think of these not as "have-tos," but as "get-tos." Remember, MEPR Agency is your client!)

Task management: managing/executing quick tasks that your direct reports and colleagues need completed, most of which will be some form of research; taking notes, updating team tasks on project management software, self-supervising, creating, updating and completing own tasks

Content creation: maintaining agency blog (writing your own, creating outlines/topics and editing for colleagues), creating social media-designed images and posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and managing these accounts; email marketing, maintaining and updating Mailchimp listservs

Long-term strategy: creating and presenting proposals for agency development (digital products, seasonal, anniversaries, etc), creating social media calendars, blog content calendars, interpreting and utilizing social media analytics to better engage audience


  • Willingness to learn, absorb and self-correct
  • Excellent verbal, written and nonverbal communication skills (maintaining client happiness is always a must, so you will need to know how to read and respond to the variety of personality in our awesome office)
  • Creativity is your core
  • Strong online research skills ‹ there is always a solution. We need you to find it!
  • Knowledge of graphic design (we love Canva!)
  • Intermediate (or better) proficiency in Google, Mac and Microsoft products

To apply: Visit our intern application page.