Public Relations Assistant (Internship)


Here at MEPR Agency, you (primarily) won¹t be getting coffee, making copies and sitting around twiddling your thumbs. However, It shouldn't be beneath you to do the first two, as we all contribute to the office and to each other. But, there will be no, under any circumstance, any thumb-twiddling.

We are looking for punctual, critical thinking, problem solving, self-motivated, disciplined, extra mile-oriented self-starters. You understand the power of google, and anticipate the next step in the process, offering possible solutions and options that, yes, may be imperfect because of your limited experience, but demonstrate your willingness to resolve, to execute, and to think outside the box.

At MEPR Agency, you will not be an "intern" in the technical, titular sense of the word ‹ you will be our Public Relations Assistant, a role that is vital and valuable to the growth of our company. You will be providing 1) PR services for a PR company; ‹you are the practitioner, and MEPR is your client; 2) support to our fast paced roster of clients and our team that supports them; 3) administrative assistant responsibilities to the company owner, learning how to think entrepreneurially.

Sound like an exceptional career development opportunity? You bet. Your resume, your future interviews, and your developing professional identity will thank you.

Daily Duties (we work from to-do to to-done!)

Here’s the mix of your day to day:

  • Supporting the administrative work of the company owner (printing, answering the phone, stocking supplies, client errands, drafting memos, agendas, and proposals, note taking, scheduling meetings)
  • Ability to use AP Style, spell check and any tools needed for proper grammar
  • Updating and distributing the weekly task list with team assignments
  • Communicating daily on upwards of multiple client accounts (providing updates, following up, distributing documents, and more)
  • Managing internal company content - editorial calendar, graphics, and distribution (facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs, and more)
  • Research (media list building, community list, building surveys)
  • Writing (pitches, press releases, blogs, memos, bylined articles, and more)
  • Graphic/Creative Design (presentations, one-sheets, flyers)
  • Community engagement (meeting coordination, meeting attendance, event evaluation)
  • Professional development (participate in at least one hour of professional development a week)


  • Must be sensitive to a variety of community's and cultures
  • Excited to tap into your inner entrepreneur
  • Willingness to learn, absorb, accept feedback and self-correct
  • Excellent verbal, written and nonverbal communication skills
  • Excellent note-taker and ability to quickly retain information
  • Strong research skills
  • Knowledge of graphic design (we love Canva!)
  • Intermediate (or better) proficiency in Google, Mac (you must know how to use a Mac) and Microsoft products

This position is paid for college juniors or seniors who will commit at least 15 hours a week or recent graduates who will work full time.

To apply: Submit your cover letter, resume, writing samples or online portfolio to