Video and Photography Apprentice

We are looking for someone who is strong, smart, savvy, extra mile-oriented and a self-starter. We are also looking for someone who thinks independently and is not afraid to try something new, with a positive attitude. We want someone who is constantly learning. 

The Apprenticeship

MEPR Agency is seeking a creative Video and Photography Apprentice for this paid position. The apprentice will capture footage/images as well as edit and produce high quality content. This role will support the work of MEPR’s Creative team while maintaining MEPR’s high quality standard and brand accuracy. This position will capture creative content as well as deliver professional edits to ensure timely turnaround.

One day you may be in the office capturing footage of our creative process and the next day you may be working on client campaign or with the creative team coming up with a new design or treatment for a video. You’ll enjoy a creative atmosphere where you can be a part of conceptualizing and strategy for marketing and communication campaigns.

The commitment required for this apprenticeship is an average of 15-20 hours per week for up to 6 months.  

Apprentice Duties

·      Assist/lead selected projects through all phases of production including creative development, pre-production, production/shooting, post-production, finishing/delivery.
·     Stage photos and videos to be used on online content and client case studies.
·      Develop a series of content to support digital products.

·      Serve as the in-house branded content developer, supporting how MEPR thinks, conceives, produces and assesses content.
·     Work with the team to assure consistent and timely delivery of client and digital content as required by the production schedule.
·     Effectively communicate ongoing project status to production team and project managers.

·      Suggest ways to improve, modify or evolve our creative capacity in relation to photography and videography.

·      Develop storyboards for videos with Graphic Designer + Production Assistant.

·      Work with Graphic Designer + Production Assistant to produce creative videos and content for social media platforms.

·      Create content that is culturally sensitive.

·      Apprentice reports to Graphic Designer and Agency Director 

·      Collaborate with creative team on different levels, lending a fresh, new and modern perspective 


  • Be enrolled in an accredited college program (Junior or Senior) or recently graduated from an accredited college program 

  • Must own or have regular access to camera/video camera

  • Ability to work in a professional office environment

  • Must be sensitive to a variety of community's and cultures

  • Excited to tap into your inner entrepreneur

  • Willingness to learn, absorb, accept feedback and self-correct

  • Excellent verbal, written and nonverbal communication skills

  • Excellent note-taker and ability to quickly retain information

  • Strong research skills

  • Intermediate (or better) proficiency in Google, Mac (you must know how to use a Mac) and Microsoft products

  • Proficient in Camera operation for capturing photo and video

  • Proficient in final cut pro, adobe premiere pro or equivalent industry standard software editing tools

  • A desire to learn about video and photo production through a marketing/business lens 

  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment 

    To apply, submit the below to
    Cover letter
    Portfolio/Resume—digital would be great
    Social media links
    Writing or work samples
    Salary request
    Bonus points for creativity

You are right for an apprenticeship with us if…

you have a creative eye and passion for storytelling with your camera.

you can complete projects in a timely fashion.

you can take direction and also provide it.

you own and can efficiently operate your own equipment. 

you are currently enrolled or recently graduated from college and are seeking an apprenticeship.

Paid apprenticeship

Professional development 

One on One Mentorship from Agency Director 

Opportunity to collaborate and produce real work for clients 

Opportunity to expand personal portfolio 

College Credit (will take place of payment, if required by apprentices’ college) 

Opportunity to work while learning

Chance to gain entrepreneurial experience 

Gain marketing experience 

Chance to gain Agency experience  

Possible job offer upon completion of the apprenticeship 

Unlimited Tea (and coffee)

Who We Are 

MEPR Agency is an industry leading public relations and community engagement boutique. On each campaign, our team of experienced members under stands our role is to think about intercultural and inclusive communications, hyper-local storytelling, and true connection with people-beyond press releases and social media updates. We work with businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to help them connect with their audience no matter the ability, age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or denomination. 

At MEPR, we foster a culture of mentorship and collaboration. We provide our apprentices valuable work experience in the PR industry.

Your experience here will be one that contributes value to you as a person and will prove to be a great investment in your professional experience.