+ engaging communities.
+ building trust.    
+ influencing change.



MEPR Agency is a Nashville based public relations and community engagement boutique that develops comprehensive, strategic and inclusive communications solutions that serve to influence, amplify, and produce change.

our methodology

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MEPR Agency - teamwork

We're stronger together.

We co-create greatness with our partners - clients and strategic collaborators. Our relationships are built on trust and a desire to dig deeper than {PR} business as usual. To continue our work, we're looking engage with organizations that believe "we're stronger together".  

We work with organizations, and the people behind them, that we can truly get behind. People we can trust and who value our brains. Those that understand our work is not a quick or immediate fix but one of clear thought and comprehensive strategy. Those who enjoy and appreciate, celebrate even, innovation and entrepreneurial creativity.  Those who understand we won't be pitching the media every other week, but their story will be told. Those who are looking for a global perspective through a hyper-local lens. Those who want to make an impact on a community (beyond what the media can reach) and that is often left out of the conversation. Those who want to build trust more than receiving likes. Those want a long term partnership.

To be more specific, our clients call us to:

  • Shift or direct their culture (internal or external) through communications,

  • Direct how people think, behave, or speak about them,

  • Connect with an audience they have trouble connecting with,

  • Develop a diversity and inclusion plan,

  • Enhance their business infrastructure and sustainability through capacity building programs,

  • Develop plans and implement them when there is business interruption (a crisis of any type),

  • Manage an organization's reputation,

  • Mediate a tough dialogue,

  • Tell a thoughtful and intentional story,

  • Align communications with the overall business strategy.