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+ engaging communities.
+ building trust.    
+ influencing change.


MEPR Agency is a Nashville based public relations and community engagement boutique that develops comprehensive and inclusive communications solutions that serve to influence, amplify, and produce change.

our methodology




Business-First Approach


Strategic Communication Programs

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our process



We want to know all of your business. We will ask a ton of questions, we will take inventory of where your organization has been and where you'd like it to go, we will research your industry, then we will review the greater market, and use experiential insights, to assist you in embedding our work into the strategy of your business.



We love putting pen to paper. The contract we sign before discovery will let us know the "why" within our scope of work but together we will go deeper to assess the what and the how. We will roll up our sleeves to think, plan, and assign the responsibilities of our communication programming with the best outcome in mind, instead of the best practices.



Now, let's get to work. The joy of our relationship is that we approach the work as a team. We are jointly responsible for each other. As our partner, there are times when we couple beside you to provide as needed support; other times we will switch places and carry the heavy load. Either way, we are in this together.



As we get to specific milestones in our work we will evaluate our efforts. We look at hard data as well as qualitative insights, including anecdotal feedback, the status of the market or industry, and even the trust established with the community. That helps inform the organization's story, next steps or recommendations. We like to say we are the narrative behind the numbers.


we disrupt the status quo. 


We do not believe in business as usual. You'll never hear us say, "this is the way we've always done it." As a matter of fact, over time, if that's the story you're telling, it will soon change. 

Building relationships, developing trust or deepening your brand awareness goes beyond writing a press release, conducting a meeting, or sending a tweet. Instead, {our definition of} public relations in its simplest, yet truest form is the ability to connect an organization's overall strategic business goals with an audience by developing communication programs that fit the audience's needs.  

Our commitment is to make our campaigns accessible to a diverse cross section of people, regardless of their preferred forms of communication. Simply, we believe our responsibility is to listen more than we talk, have a neighborhood discussion rather than send a mass email blast, or develop a blog, video, or podcast series that let's others tell your good news versus pitching a story to traditional media.

We understand that we are doing something totally different. If that makes us weird, we're ok with that. We think it makes us entrepreneurial, disruptive, and innovative communicators that make our world and our industry a better place. 

Our way has proven results that shift a culture, change behavior, and commits us to the person, not the platform, to develop trust and a deeper impact. We can say that we truly relate to the public.