answers to frequent questions:


To be eligible for this micro-grant, you must be 1) based in Middle Tennessee, 2) in full-time business 3) for at least three years (or more). 4) Your business must be developed from scratch so this makes multi-level marketing, nonprofits, or franchises ineligible from participating. Family owned businesses do qualify. 


There are quite a few opportunities for your business to be innovative. You might consider professional development workshops that can help you grow in your expertise, education that would lead to a certification or designation, attending a conference, joining a professional industry organization, a software solution for accounting or time-tracking, or (insert your idea here).

As a reminder: your will receive up to $250 paid directly to the need. In some cases this might be a matching fund.

These funds are not to be used for day-to-day operations but instead to make an investment in something that will help your business innovate.


The application is very simple. We want this to be the simplest place you could ever receive money for your business. As such, we ask that you provide a few sentences about your exact need and how this funding will help. Be as specific as possible. And, be truly ready to take your business to the next level.


Once we announce the winners, we ask that you allow us to share your business information. We also ask to use a quote or some portion of your application. We also would like for you to let us share how you've used the funds and how it has helped your business. Ultimately, we want to give your business some great publicity.