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we go beyond press releases


Founded in 2006, MEPR Agency is a people-centered boutique public relations and community engagement firm based in Nashville, TN. We work with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies whose core values push their businesses and communication to be inclusive of all communities and their voices. They partner with us to discover and deliver the most strategic ways to connect with their audience - many times outside of traditional media - and go beyond meetings and press releases to develop actionable wins that include the entire community. 

With a specific focus on intercultural communications, our diverse team of solutionists are the bridge that connect multicultural audiences - regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or denomination - with access to information, in a culturally sensitive format, that educates and influences change. Our team uses local and global cultural insights as well as "feet to the street" campaigns to inform our work.

Our results will vary based on the campaign but we are sure to be innovative, build community trust, lead impactful conversation, develop actionable plans that deliver, and influence change. 



we localize your message

Exposure to thousands of messages a day have left people seeking deeper connections to information. They are looking for niche communities; a place to be themselves; a place to share their voices and a place that provides more than lip-service. We are often the liaison to that place. We listen and then respond with local-rich content that takes generic messaging and translates it into accessible language that people are interested in hearing. We call that audience translation.

Ultimately, we want to empower communities to speak where they know they will be listened to; ensured that they will be spoken with, not spoken at; and assured their voice will be heard and action will follow.

diversity alone is not enough

The conversation about diversity isn't black and white. As a matter of fact it is often gray - and we encourage that. We push past buzzwords and rhetoric and root our work in making real change. That change means that we have to roll up our sleeves and do more than meerily acknowledge another for their diverse background, but instead develop organization wide programs and policy that understands the strength and value of a person is cemented because of their varied layers of difference.  

We work with organizations that are willing to provide inclusive and equitable opportunities among their team - including board, volunteers, and staff; and then move to external programs - like supplier diversity and expansion of communication tools  - that guides us to produce actionable and scalable outcomes that enhance an organization and the people it serves.

we are people centered

We study people. We listen to people. We understand people.

At our core we aim to best speak to people's needs, emotions, and understanding. We have a very specific and intentional lens of inclusion that anchors our work to ensure that we consider those who will be most impacted by outcome of our work.

With many years - and daily work of - gathering cultural insights we use that knowledge to develop culturally adept and inclusive campaigns. And, we're pretty darn good at it. Not just because we say so, but because our clients say so. 

We seek to hear rather than talk. We seek to understand versus agree. We seek to talk with and not talk at. We seek to educate and not judge. We seek to meet people right where they are.  


community is the centerpiece

It is our belief that the most impactful work we can do is serve others. Alongside our clients, we develop or enhance campaigns that strengthen the fabric of a community - whether that workplace colleagues or next door neighbors. Being socially responsible is more than checking a box at the end of the year but rather the intentional culture created internally, that has great impact externally. Because we practice what we preach, we are also socially responsible and use our work as a platform to educate businesses on how to be more efficient through the launch of the MEPR Agency Innovation Fund; and we spend at least six times a year lecturing, mentoring, or teaching college students in the communications field.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase the value of giving and impacting the community while working to increase your awareness and your bottom line.

boutique is an experience, not a size

We often get the question, "what is a boutique agency?". From day one we quickly made a decision that our role was to be a disruptive communications agency, going beyond business as usual. We produce innovative and custom-fit communication strategies that do more than scratch the surface and often go deep into the soul of a business to ensure its success. We blend global thinking with entrepreneurial scrappiness, and our agility has proven successful as we have navigated the landscape of some of our city's largest initiatives. 

The experience clients have with us is much like shopping in a vintage boutique: one-of-a-kind, original, never before seen, and timeless. After all, size does not matter (because bigger is not always better); experience and results do. 

entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a job

We are: risky, resilient, agile, nimble, innovators. 

We think, act, and evaluate our work and the marketplace in such a that we can navigate quickly; we see a solution at every turn. We are global thinkers and forever learners, usually rounding the corner before something becomes a trend line. Our view of the world, our industry, and our work will always be different - disrupting "the way we've always done it" syndrome. We can activate without a bunch of red tape. We adopt your industry as our own; in constant study of what's happening. We adapt your voice and your story for those who need to hear it the most. We build relationships that last beyond our contract. We are resourceful and usually have a contact for any request you have. We are business minded, not tied to a menu of services, but rather committed to what will best benefit your overall business.

We are entrepreneurial.

visual inspiration

Tea sommelier Janet Walsh says, "tea {steeping and drinking} is the art of preparation, patience, and presence." This process is so similar to our work.