educating business through video storytelling

local incubation center develops videos to educate the community about marketing, human resources, and alternative banking options



Nashville Business Incubation Center


To provide a group of videos that educate the small business community on the services and benefits of the incubation program. 


Four videos were produced - an about video and three other videos about marketing, alternative banking options, and human resources, specifically the use of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) 

video partner: Modern Innovation Production

Client Testimonial.

NBIC has worked with MEPR Agency for the past three years to develop our brand messaging. During this time we grew from one program to three, and expanded our reach from the city of Nashville to the state of Tennessee. MEPR was very responsive to our needs, crafting our story as it evolved with consistent language and messaging. MEPR has been invaluable to our growth process; clarifying and honing in on messaging to reach our target markets and succinctly tell our story. With MEPR’s messaging guidance, NBIC was able to increase funding through donation and sponsorships.
— Angela Crane-Jones