The Wisdom of Uncertainty

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” ― Socrates.

This familiar proverb reminds us to always be open to learning more. However, Socrates’ words are much less comforting when we are faced with unknowns in our personal or professional lives.

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Adaiah Ludy
The Four Corners of Communication

Think back to elementary school and imagine yourself in a game of four corners. You’re it, so you close your eyes as everyone scrambles to their desired corner. With your eyes closed, you have to pick a corner to tag as many people out as possible.

Communication can be that way, too. One narrator takes the center and tries to strike a chord with the right audience.  But communication should not be a guessing game.

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Tokenism Recap

Our agency director, Kia Jarmon, spoke recently at Vanderbilt’s Wond’ry on a panel of women entitled Redefining Tokenism. The series was nothing short of powerful as the women, ranging from ex-military to chief executives, spoke on their definition of tokenism, how or when they realized that they were a token, and what they did to turn it around in their favor and use it to their advantage.

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Kimberley Alexandria-Day