MEPR Agency launches micro business grant to invest in small businesses

On the heels of receiving the Minority Business Center’s Minority Business of the Year award, we have started an in-house Innovation Fund (IF), a micro-business grant, created for entrepreneurs and small business owners interested in improving their processes and building capacity.

Innovation Fund announcement Flyer.jpeg

“Since our launch 11 years ago, we have been committed to the growth of our community and that includes our fellow small businesses owners,” says Jarmon. She goes on to say, “We have seen exceptional growth in our company as a result of the consistent early adoption of technology to scale our business. The Innovation Fund is our socially responsible philanthropic effort to help other business owners achieve the same.”

She elaborates, “Many times a company just needs one intentional, incremental change to accelerate the trajectory of their business. Being more progressive in day to day operations helps make more jobs, more impact, and more profit. At MEPR, we believe that philanthropy can occur at any level and that strengthening one another creates a depth of wealth for all.”

The Innovation Fund grants will be given twice a year, in the fall and in the spring, and will provide awards of up to $250 to four promising businesses that have been in full time operation for at least three years. In some cases, the need will be greater than the award, in which case the funding will be a matching grant.

Businesses can use this funding for software solutions – like accounting or email marketing tools, professional development – like joining an industry organization or attending local conferences, certifications to advance experience, or other business tools to provide that additional push to innovation. Eligible businesses that are ready to innovate are encouraged to apply here by November 15th.

Kia Jarmon, CEO and owner of MEPR agency, is the Diversity Chair of the Nashville chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and is one of the co-founders of Black in Tech Nashville. With over ten years of expertise, Kia specializes in crafting brand stories and leading thoughtful community engagement strategies.

Kia Jarmon