Small Businesses Should Take Note of the Chick-fil-A Loyalist Effect

Chick-fil-A is a leading fast casual restaurant but I’d bet money the line is wrapped around the parking lot because of more than its chicken.

As we prepare to celebrate National Small Business Week - April 29 - May 5 - we outline the strategies that Chick-fil-A (and your organization should) implement to develop a loyalist following. 

Make the client experience one to remember.  

Perhaps the most stellar attribute that Chick-fil-A possesses is their customer service. As you approach the window or counter, employees ask “how many I serve you?” and they conclude with “it’s been my pleasure”. There is something special about an experience that cements a positive impression in your mind. We also believe that service is truly the highest calling we have in this world.

Providing the highest level of respect and service to your clients should be your number one priority. Treating them with fairness, kindness and giving them your undivided attention, makes clients feel important. This helps them spread the word about how amazing you are but it also helps the customer forgive the infrequent, but sometimes inevitable, mistake.

What experience would your customer/client say/share/tweet that you are providing?

Connect directly with your audience.  

Chick-fil-A is deeply involved with keeping the community engaged as demonstrated by special events like Family Night or even daddy/daughter dates hosted in the restaurant. They also have initiatives that give back to the community, like packing meals for hungry children, tending to community gardens, and lending a hand with food banks. During their Cow Appreciation Day, they offer free sandwiches to customers who come to the restaurant dressed up as cows.

What are these events for? No, not just for the ‘gram. But they are actually developed out of the needs of their customers. They also provide customer’s access to experience based events or causes that work best for them.

Do you know how to connect directly with your customer? Aside from traditional media or digital platforms?

Provide stability and consistency in your core values, messaging, and leadership.

It’s no secret that Chick-fil-A has a set of values worth closely reviewing and modeling a business after. They publicly practice their values through company a consistent company culture such as: closing on Sundays, clearly placing a high value to their customers, and delivering excellence by way of chicken.These values are outwardly displayed every day by each and every person associated with the company, regardless of their role - we specifically see that from front line employee to management. This not only creates a “uniform” for the company, but it also enhances brand loyalty.

If we asked your customer about your company values, what would they say?

As you evaluate your business and assess how you can build a loyalist customer base, consider digging in to the areas that Chick-fil-A masters.

Don’t know where to get started? Let us help with a company audit. It’s important that before we write your press release or post to your social media, that we get the foundation of your challenges. Email us to learn more:

Kia Jarmon