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Community Engagement

Click here to learn  more about our community storytelling tour.

Click here to learn more about our community storytelling tour.

We work on a number of initiatives that impact a wide swath of individuals, many of whom are often left out of the important decision making conversations. However, our work is to encourage and increase community participation, which is such a critical component to ensuring the success of any public or community driven process. In particular, multiple and varied - sometimes dissenting - voices being a part of a campaign can only ensure that we have listened to, asked, and answered as many questions or concerns as possible. We don't run from an audience because they are not the popular opinion or familiar to us. Instead, our trained mediator and community engagement team works to educate the community to make decisions with power, develop short term outcomes that respond to real-time concerns, and ensure culturally sensitive plans and campaigns. 

Our comprehensive community engagement strategy creates a pathway of access to grasstops information while connecting with a variety of people through grassroots efforts. From community meetings to walking tours, coalition building to neighborhood art projects, and storytelling podcasts to focus groups, our team develops a process that is equitable and accessible for the entire community.