MEPR Agency _ Kia Jarmon

Crisis and Reputation Management


In the unfortunate event of a crisis we discreetly work with key leadership, outside counsel, and other interested parties to ensure the strongest approach to mitigating damages. We manage pre, during, and post litigation communication in the following areas: mediation, strategic planning, social media support, media relations, litigation counsel, crisis monitoring, and litigation recovery. 

In addition to managing crises that understandably unhinges an organization's foundation, we most often see crises that are controllable, albeit inconvenient, that are considered business interruptions. If you have run your business for some time, you have probably experienced an interruption to your business. Have you ever had an employee leave your company with all your files, or better yet, all of your clients? Have you had a customer post a negative, questionably inaccurate, review online? Have you ever lost access to your phone and email systems in one day? While those are just a few examples, they are real scenarios. Are you prepared? While you can never plan for the exhaustive "what ifs", you can prepare for "before this happens" and the "then what" in the event something tragic or aggravating occurs.