The Community Vote Was Key to the Vote (though it was defeated)

educating and encouraging the community to vote on an expansive transit system in Nashville

MEPR Agency, as a part of the Transit for Nashville campaign team, will facilitate a series of Transit Talks focused on topics including workforce development and minority business opportunities. We invite you to RSVP to the events below to get your questions answered and your concerns addressed.

Let your voice be heard.


Transit for Nashville

Using the 2015 nMotion (RTA/MTA Strategic Plan) as a guide, Transit for Nashville - a coalition of businesses, nonprofits, individuals, and politicians - was developed to encourage the vote for dedicated funding for a robust transit system.

Our team was hired to join every major PR agency or consultancy (and more than 30+ other individuals representing various teams/interests) in the city to develop a community engagement plan that developed education then activities that encouraged young professionals, nonprofit leaders, faith institutions, and African Americans to get out the vote for the transit system.


  1. Overall, we provided strategic counsel to the overall team, including the main agency of record and campaign leadership, on inclusive communication practices - including language accessibility, social media messaging, printed materials, message and visual development, media relations planning, ad buying, community events, and spokesperson talking points.

  2. We developed a preliminary

  3. We secured talent