Developing Your Neighborhood Brand Identity

Developing Your Neighborhood Brand Identity


"we cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fivers connect us with our fellow (wo)men." - herman melville

This workbook and custom workshop is for neighborhood leaders needing to think about their brand as more than social media, a logo or a website. Here are some takeaways:

1. You don’t want people (i.e. newcomers) to randomly come in and rename your community? Cement the history in a welcome kit for all new neighbors. 
2. Establish neighbor trust by setting community meeting norms. Define consensus, how conflict will be handled, and non-negotiables. Remember, you can understand someone without agreeing. 
3. Having trouble getting people - young or old or of differing backgrounds - to your meetings? Consider a conversation tour where leadership goes to a neighbors house to invite them and give updates on the community. Unless something is wrong in the neighborhood many people don’t know there is an association. 
4. Stand as one voice. There’s great possibility of being heard by the city and/or developers when you have a concise plan. 
5. Speaking of a plan. Does your community have a strategic plan? One sheet of strategy could protect you from a world of trouble.

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