providing a fresh and simple perspective to a complex issue

designing a new logo mark solidifies the joint mission and partnership across the state

In September 2018 we were engaged by the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands to develop a logo mark for a program called The Tennessee Senior Law Alliance (“The Alliance”). 

The Alliance is a program under the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee & the Cumberlands that helps low income seniors (and their caregivers) with their legal issues like wrongful denials or reductions to healthcare and benefits, illegal barriers to housing, as well as physical, emotional and financial abuse and exploitation. The Alliance also helps senior’s with basic estate planning and will preparation. 

The Alliance plans to reach Tennessee senior’s in partnership with the following groups from across the state: Legal Aid of East Tennessee, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, Memphis Area Legal Services, West Tennessee Legal Services, and Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services. 


We were engaged to create a unified brand mark for the Tennessee Senior Law Alliance. Our work was to be usable across the state in conjunction with each of the partner organizations' existing brand identity.


As a newly formed organization, we started with the following guiding notes: 

  1. There was no existing identity to represent the Tennessee Senior Law Alliance;

  2. Seniors need to feel empowered and respected during this life phase; and  

  3. The brand mark needed to be relevant, accessible, and easily recognizable.


Brand Mark 

After research and client meetings, we presented six hand sketched logo options. There were three options chosen for digitization.

We conducted an internal survey in the clients office with attorneys and administrative staff to confirm the final logo. 

The final brand mark is a violet hand over a turquoise heart with white outline that is simple and modern, yet resonates with the target audiences and the end user.

The turquoise heart symbolizes the heart of the senior and the hand is the people who support the senior (lawyers, caregivers, medical workers, family members. 


Color played an important role in the development of the logo mark. The following colors were selected based on consumer behavior (psychology) and color theory: 

  • Amethyst: evokes dignity, respect, and creativity

  • Citrine: conjures an aura of warmth, happiness, and optimism

  • Aquamarine: Inspires energy, wisdom, serenity, and healing

  • Light Onyx: a neutral color that adds balance to the vibrant colors 

  • The amethyst color is also the international color for seniors 


When choosing typefaces, we wanted to pick something clean and easy to read. Domus is soft and curved, not harsh or pointed; it expresses competency and authority while being sympathetic and approachable. 

This typeface can be best used for document headlines or messages for greater emphasis. 

We also chose Acumin Pro Wide as a secondary professional typeface, that can be used with Microsoft products, because the wide characters in this type are easy for seniors to read. 


A brand is much more than a visual image. It is the sum of the experience one has, and that reaction subsequently shapes their beliefs about the brand. A brand identity furthers the alignment of an organization’s value with an individual’s values; it is the moment that they remember, the story that they share, the feeling they respond to, the compassion that they hear, the empowerment that they receive, and the consistency that they experience.

The brand mark developed for the Tennessee Senior Law Alliance is the visual of the program. It is a recognizable symbol of love and compassion that seniors across the state of Tennessee will be drawn to because of its symbolism.