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"Creative People Must Be Stopped"

Individuals must have great ideas. Groups must be on board and not allow negative emotions to derail the innovation process. An organization's structure and strategy must support risk-taking and new initiatives, rather than be bound to routine, consistent outputs. Industries must be shown the utility and value for a new disruption in order to abandon the status quo. Innovations must be presented to society in acceptable terms that are in line with norms and values.

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Disruption known as Chance the Rapper

I’ve had several a-ha moments. One of the clearest lessons came from car ride with the team. The radio was playing and a song I knew and liked came up. It was Chance, the Rapper.

Some of the world was introduced to him when Beyoncé crashed his MTV news interview after the VMAS. He had a fan moment we’d all have if in that situation.

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