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The Four Corners of Communication

Think back to elementary school and imagine yourself in a game of four corners. You’re it, so you close your eyes as everyone scrambles to their desired corner. With your eyes closed, you have to pick a corner to tag as many people out as possible.

Communication can be that way, too. One narrator takes the center and tries to strike a chord with the right audience.  But communication should not be a guessing game.

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My very first PR Job: To Sink or Swim

As if being a Senior in college without a smidge of experience in the major you’re planning to receive your degree isn’t nerve-wrecking enough, imagine being put in an atmosphere of nonstop work without having a clue of what you’re doing. When I first heard that MEPR was looking for an intern, I immediately thought “I’m sure I can handle getting coffee, sending a couple of emails and attending meetings without letting my eyelids touch.” I would soon come to a screeching halt as reality would let me in on a little secret that I had heard from my father before. – With great power, comes great responsibility.

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